My time at IH played a huge role in making my time in London worthwhile! I found friends who put up with my shenanigans with as much enthusiasm as myself. I very fondly remember the time spent in the cafeteria where the gang just grew and grew and suddenly I had so many friends from all over the world, not to mention that it took hours to finish breakfast and dinner because it was just so much fun siting around in the cafeteria.

- Prachi
  New Delhi, India



When I arrived at International Hall I didn't know anyone, but this changed almost immediately. The people living in my hallway were lovely and we did everything together: having breakfast and dinner in the dining hall downstairs, studying, exploring the city, playing squash in the court at IH, and relaxing in one of our rooms. All of this made International Hall feel like home very soon and made it very hard to leave again when I had finished my Masters!

- Marijn
  The Netherlands


International Hall has been not only a resident hall but truly a home. I was new in London but was definitely not lonely with all the wonderful people in IH and great support from the senior members. This is a wonderful place to meet students from all over the world with various backgrounds and sharing the same passion to explore London. IH organized great trip to Leeds and to watch Wicked. I had amazing times in IH and met the most wonderful people there!

 The Philippines

IH was the second place I called "home". I consider myself lucky because my doormates became my family, and now we have a conection that will never disapper. IH played a big part in one of the best years of my life. The location, the infrastructure and the staff made of IH an amazing place to be, and I would love to come back one day.

- Monica


Located in central London it was perfect when traversing the ins and outs of the City. The Senior Members did an excellent job to ensure that various events where planned catering to the diverse residents calling this place home for the duration of their studies. All said, if I had to study in London once more there is no doubt I would call IH my home as it is probably the BEST place you could possibly call home away from home!

- Andre

I remember my time at International Hall with fondness. There, I met some of the most brilliant people, made some of the most wonderful friends, and had the best of times. What makes « Ihall » « Ihall » is the unexpectedness of each encounter. Thanks to these halls, I met new and interesting people throughout the entire year, with a wide range of backgrounds and passions. I was always greeted by familier faces in the common rooms and dining halls, and always enjoyed the friendly knock on my door for a chat, tesco run, or offer to go out. International Hall made my university experience unique, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other hall.

- Virginie

I didn't know that the world could offer so much till I arrived at International Hall. It is a small version of the best that our beloved planet can offer. In a place with such diversity is impossible not to find friends, even for hardcore introverts like myself. It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities I hadn't considered.

- Fernando
  Madrid, Spain